Mac Brennan

Mac Brennan

Aspiring data scientist and machine learning engineer.


I currently work as a software engineer at Reviewbox where I focus on full stack web development, data engineering, and NLP analysis. I attended Michigan Technological University where I recieved a B.S. in Physics. While pursuing my degree, I was also passionate about cycling and after graduating, I had the opportunity to race professionally.

In total, I spent 5 years racing as a professional cyclist. I was on a 6 rider roster that won the 2015 US Team Time Trial National Championship, which also allowed me to compete at the 2015 World Championships. I've been on the podium at national level races, and I've had the opportunity to race against some of the best cyclists in the world. Through cycling, I was able to develop a strong work ethic, teamwork, and a unique perpective of the world. It was an incredible experience.

Looking forward, I have found the developments in artificial intelligence extremely exciting. Making use of the technical foundations I developed in my physics education, and the abundance of resources available online, I taught myself machine learning and computer science. My goal is to transition to a career in artificial intelligence and use machine learning to have a positive impact in the world.